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1000+ carriers across our network

Round-the-clock Support

Whether you plug into our 17+ on-prem carriers in our main carrier-neutral hotel facility, 1000 satellite deployment carriers, or bring your own carrier, connecting to the providers of your choice is easier than ever. Just tell us where you want to go and who you want to go with. We’ll get you plugged in.

Our team is your team.

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On-Call Technicians

Dedicated Service

Our unique DCIM platform connects our systems directly to our dedicated staff and external vendors, meaning they can respond instantaneously and get to work at a moment’s notice.

As your partner, we do whatever it takes for you to succeed. That’s why we team you up with a dedicated account manager and utilize behind the scenes tools for service that goes above and beyond.

24x7 IT Operations Center

Your data never sleeps, which means that neither do we. Our IT Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our trained Smarthands technicians.


A network that works from here... to infinity.

Global Access Point holds over 9000 miles of dark fiber, and lights up 1500 miles in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. This complete ringed topology connects our flagship data centers in South Bend (SB1/SB2) with our deployments in Chicago (CH1), Indianapolis (IN1), and St. Louis (SL1). 

Take your data further.

The world is just a cross-connect away.


And many more.

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About Us

Global Access Point (GAP) designs, builds, and manages data centers and network infrastructure for mid-sized to large enterprises as well as global telecommunication and cloud providers. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) model is rooted in flexibility of design, highly reliable power, robust connectivity, and a philosophy of continuous innovation.