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The story.

Once a thriving hub connecting people to the world via railcar, Union Station Technology Center (USTC) has been transformed into a state-of-the-art hub for digital information, connecting people with technology.

More about Global Access Point

1928Construction completed on Union Station.

1928-1971  Operated as Grand Trunk Western Rail Station for Northern Indiana.

1979Kevin M. Smith purchases facility.

1987-2010  Facility adaptively reused as a Carrier Hotel and Colocation facility.

2010-2015 – Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) through space, power, connectivity, and innovation.

2016-PresentGlobal Access Point assumes master operations of Union Station Technology Center, making it the flagship location for its multi-site data center operations. 

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About Us

Global Access Point (GAP) designs, builds, and manages data centers and network infrastructure for mid-sized to large enterprises as well as global telecommunication and cloud providers. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) model is rooted in flexibility of design, highly reliable power, robust connectivity, and a philosophy of continuous innovation.

A key landmark within South Bend’s Renaissance District, Union Station provides an ideal geographic location for data centers, data transport, and carrier operations, as well as office space for a number of innovative technology focused companies. 

Union Station Technology Center has been Global Access Point’s flagship data center and carrier hotel since May 2016, when it turned over operation of the facilities and most former USTC staff. Union Station Technology Center still exists, mostly specializing in leasing office space. 

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